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Roumégous, family institution

• In 1891 Jean ROUMEGOUS, who worked as a sailor, joins forces with his son JULES to expand two activities: : fishing and oyster farming..
• JULES ROUMEGOUS passes down the love and passion of his work to his son, EUGENE, who becomes even more passionate about oysters, , by intensively developing oyster farming., He puts his knowledge and devotion in place after the 2nd World War ,, and creates a structure of exportation..
• ALPHONSE ROUMEGOUS takes over the running of the company 1956 in 1956,and he continued to improve the structure of the company by modernization. .
• From the love passed down, by previous generations Directed by JEAN ROUMEGOUS,, his son Francois and now following the family footsteps is Adrien and Jules his grandsons. Together they create, nurture and distribute Roumegous oysters, world renowned oysters of a most excellent flavor from the Estuary of Marennes – Oleron..

Jules Roumégous

Founder of the company at the time engaged in fishing and oyster farming.

Eugene Roumégous

Son of Jules he develops ostreiculture part.

Alphonse Roumégous

Takes the reins of the company modernises.

Jean Roumégous

Roumégous fifth generation of the family to head the company.

Francois Roumégous

Son of the current director, it follows the path of his father.

Adrien Roumégous

Sales in the company, he runs a product development abroad.

The family firm

The Family Firm

Located in Bourcefranc le Chapus in the department of Charente Maritime, between Marennes and I’ile d’Oleron. , Roumegous oysters are in the heart of one of the most renowned area of the World for Oyster farming.. The company commercializes approximately 600 600 tons in France and all over the World : . Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and China., Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Russia and China.

Oyster Production

Our production can go up to approximately 1000 tons, the production areas are established on very rate sites, one of which is the Bassins of Marennes Oleron (3 ha) and the other one is in Normandie (Utah Beach and Isigny) (15 ha). Our oysters take between 3 and 5 years to grow to maturity, and are grown under carefully controlled conditions in a French Artisanal style..

Finishing Process

Following 3 years of growth in the open sea,, Adult oysters are placed in "clear" basins called refining the adult oysters are placed for finishing in Claires (special salt marsh finishing basins) the adult oysters are placed for finishing in Claires (special salt marsh finishing basins)..
These Claires are situated as close as possible to the coast to ensure continuous flow of sea water.. Our company owns more than 30 hectares 30 of Claires (special salt marsh finishing basins) where the oysters filter nutrient-rich water.. Under this process, the taste structure takes on softer, clearer, more refined nuances of minerals. .
The oysters stay in the Claires for a minimum of 3 weeks and no more than 20 oysters square meter. .
After, this passage in the clear allows the oysters to acquire a still more subtle taste by mixing seawater, freshwater and all in basins refinements in clay, the principle of the wine in oak barrels.


Daily our competent and proficient Production team, are fully in control of the packaging and shipping of our oysters..
Our Distribution Site consists of: : ­
• Washing Zone 200m2
• Sorting Zone 500m2
• Shipping Platform 400m2
• Storage Platform 300m2
• Storage Pool 3000m2
• Purification Pool 1500m2
The Company employs on average 30 employees in Bourcefranc le Chapus, and on average 15 employees in Normandie. During peak season these numbers can increase to 70 employees..


CEO : Jean ROUMEGOUS – Manager : François ROUMEGOUS
Executive Secretary : Caroline ROUMEGOUS
National Commercial : Adrien ROUMEGOUS
Accounting Secretary : Claudine CAREFUL
Traceability : David DAIME

Our products

Our oysters

Oyster quality depends essentially on the place of production and their clear passage. Equally the oysters are individually worked by hand throughout their life through to maturity.. We create two distinguished quality oysters in our oyster beds, which have captured the discerning palettes of gourmands everywhere in the world.

Our customers

Our oysters are sold all over the world

• We have a prestigious clientele, thanks to a know-how make exceptional, which allows to export our products abroad.
• We partner restaurants in Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Now Russia and the United Arab Emirates.


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